F.Y.M.N. (Free Your Mind Network) is a non-profit organization started in Atlanta, Georgia, to bring together purpose driven individuals to create a better World based on mutual respect. We have built a platform for professionals, artist, and all creative types to network and spread peace and understanding across all cultures.


F.Y.M.N. is securing indoor and outdoor venues to give individuals a free platform to pitch ideas, promote, and network with like minded individuals. We are also reaching out to the community and donating food and water, clothes, and entertainment for Atlanta’s metro. Our motto is “Unity Through Diversity”, and we believe people are the most valuable resource on the planet. 


F.Y.M.N. has been hosting a free open air event at Little Five Points in Atlanta, Georgia giving food and clothing to the homeless, providing a PA system for local musicians and performers to perform, and encouraging other professionals and creative types to network and market their brands.