PeeWii Marley

Peewii coverart.jpg

Paris Rashad is a writer and an artist, raised between Miami, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia. Paris has developed a southern-infused, lyrical, “trap” sound, similar to great hip-hop acts such as T.I. and Future. 

Paris was first exposed to hip-hop at the age of 6 by his older brother and eventually, developed a love for the genre. 

Paris Rashad, also known as “Peewii Marley,” developed an interest and love for battle rapping, a freestyle form of rapping done with or without instrumentals. Paris’ interest for battle rapping stemmed from the heart of South Florida before moving to Atlanta for educational purposes.

While residing in Georgia, Paris encountered a producer and friend by the name of Brandon Conzbruck. During his time in Georgia, he collaborated with Conzbruck under Thumbprint Music Group and released several projects as an artist. 
Presently, Paris realized he wanted to take a step back from the artist aspect to focus on perfecting his writing. While tapping into this side of himself, he has written/co-written music for artists such as A Plus, Zah Jones, and Ricky Kee.

                Now, after mastering his craft of writing, Paris Rashad is ready to get back into the booth to release his first solo project, “Ransom.” Paris Rashad will give us a forward and activating outlook on what the future of hip-hop has in-stored.